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Huge paintings, as large, or even larger, as myself. You can travel in my paintings, through colours, water, landscapes.
The paintings form a miniature, different world in your own world, and that I like to share with the spectator.

Through the art academy in Den Bosch, where I studied sculpture, I entered the world of creating sculptures, especially for specific locations. Preferably large works, preferably in bronze.
In Africa, I learned how to cast bronzes by using primitive means: taking clay from the river, manually rotating a bicycle wheel for extra heat to melt down recycled metals, simply on the pavement outside the foundry.
Later, I improved my bronze casting skills at a bronze foundry in Nijmegen and Utrecht. After that, and with minimal means, I built my own bronze and aluminium foundry in Amsterdam.
Having my own facilities enabled me to create sculptures for a urban bridge project. I had got an assignment for a new housing estate in Purmerend, where they wanted to engage a total layman in the field of bridge building in order to get a new angle.
My concept was not to make a straight connection to the other side, but a detour, and so an extra piece of land was added in order to create the bend. There was a wall in the bridge, a wedge the size of a living room wall in a family home, which offered shelter and at the same time a map of a journey.
The wall is lined with sheets of copper that will change colour in due time. The journey is represented by a large scratch, a bronze groove with a riverbed and footsteps, symbolic but also human.
On the nearby island, the sightline of the groove continues along a bronze gate.
My sculptures are stories about processes, journeys, landscapes and human constructions. They change, decay, discolour and are part of their surroundings.
A bronze ear to whisper in; a fountain that creates a balanced pond and at the same time is a volcano.
In order to be able to continue making large sculptures, I started working as a handywoman and restoration painter. And then I started painting, first small portraits, and now large canvases.
The canvases are often bigger than I am. I conquer them through large and small movements, especially with both hands with which I paint the canvas.

Wandana Höppener
laatste update 22-12-2021
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